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Welcome to my website which contain my interests. Before you start there are three friends I should like to thank for the help they have given me, in making this site possible, all have contributed in various ways, and they are all as important as each other. First Wayne Holland a remarkably clear thinking gentleman who was always on hand to advise me on technical issues regards breeding, or anything else come to that. Second is a gentleman called Harry Lawson who wrote a book about breeding chrysanthemums, he opened my eyes to the wonders of raising something new, his book is a little treasure. Last but far from least is Jack Gott how he put up with me bombarding him with umpteen emails is a mystery, Iíd have given up on me long before. I can categorically say, without him this site wouldnít have been published, he is also involved in breeding new dahlias. Of course there are others that have contributed, but too many to mention here. To anyone contemplating building a website, donít give up when things go wrong, if you knew how many times Iíd taken this site to bits, and started again you wouldnít believe me. I hope the contents reveal how an ordinary man can enjoy the wonderful hobby of growing and breeding dahlias. For anyone thinking of breeding new dahlia varieties please give it a try, itís not as difficult as it may seem, but of course the breeders who consistently receive honours have a little extra knowledge to draw from, see you at the trials.  Last but far from least was a gentleman that was responsible for me writing a book who's name is Charles W. Welch he wrote a lovely book himself, and unselfishly sent me a copy telling me there was at least one book hiding on my website.

Irene's Song Book:                   Whether you believe, or not it doesn't matter, it happens as I suggest, I have no doubts, and that's what matters.

Drastic Changes:                       It had to happen sooner than later.

The Buddies Project:                 An idea I had to help children in poorer countries have an education the National Dahlia Collection is to have a Buddies Series.

My 2015 Heroes:                       I saw these extraordinary people on my television over the last few weeks, and consider they should have a dahlia named after them .

Their Very First Show:              Carol, and Peter had never entered a flower show in there life, but undaunted they entered their local show.

Our Life To Date:                      Life before and after dementia.      

2015 Charity Dahlias:                 I will update this so you know how the dahlias will  be handled from this year onwards.

A True Champion:                      A Champion shows his hand, and shares his secrets.

High Maintenance:                      Local professional with almost twenty years experience for all property maintenance, no job is to small.

Wisley Gardens:                         For all those who have never been to this extraordinary garden do it now, go as early as you can, and have a meal in the restaurant.

2015 Charity Dahlias:                 Important changes that were inevitable after what happened while transferring new varieties to Cornwall.

Hayloft Plants:                           Once I knew the extent of the range of plants covered, and the quality of those they stocked they became my main supplier.

What's Here In 2015:                Letting you all know what's growing at Little Wisley this year if you're  in our area please call.

Cindy's Request:                         If a child Gardens from young they garden all their life, encourage them,  and tell them about dahlias the world needs gardeners.

Less Is More:                             Having reduced the numbers grown our girls are going to grow dahlias like a champions this year.

Nostalgic Singles:                       When need you something pleasant playing in the back ground, although in my case I set it up for Irene when I'm busy.

Horatio's Garden:                       An attempt to help the gardener who maintains this beautiful garden to breed a whole new range of hybrid dahlias.

To Those At War:                      Before you pull the trigger, or light the fuse, think again, and talk.

Coleton Fishacre South Devon:   Our daughter, and her husband said this is a house, and garden not to be missed.

Thanks Gang:                             This is a tribute to the people that are keeping Charity Dahlias alive, without them I'd be dead in the water.

Do Cuttings Have Brains:            If so, what do they call them, green matter?

For Those New To The Game:    A brief cultural guide for those wonderful people who gave so freely in the auctions, enjoy your dahlias.

Bournemouth Careline:               An incredible local service that gives you peace of mind.

On With the New 2014:             To keep you in the picture.

If You're Interested:               Ramblings of an elderly dahlia grower.

Sporting Hero 2013:                  If you find out how he does it tell me on the quiet.

Please Sponsor me:                    For just one penny a day, and help other worse off than me.

The 2013 Charity is Unicef:       Please help me help children all over the world gain an education.

Extraordinary Dahlia Garden:    A mate of mine opens his garden in the Stockport area.

Identification Parade:               Anyone got any ideas what this baby's called? Not that it matters when using it for breeding purposes.

A Magnificent Website:             Something every true dahlia grower has been waiting for - John Menzel reveals all the Winkie way.

A Page For Hilary:                     A special page for a special lady.

Gant's Mill & Garden:                A delightful location in Bruton in east Somerset.   

Pot Tubers For Sale:                 All at three pound each - everything goes to Unicef.

John Menzel's  Season:             2005-2006 That was then - things don't improve down under.

Just Dahlias:                             A magazine for new dahlia growers - follow your dreams.  

Cold Calls:                                 Don't waste my time or your own.

Time You Saw Sense:                American gun laws don't work.

Three Country Champion:          The remarkable journey of one top dahlia showman.

Furzy Garden:                            Magnificent achievement by them by winning a gold medal at Chelsea.

The 2012 Seedlings:                   These are all the dahlias I'm giving a second years trial period.

Hilary's Page:                             This is page brought about by a young man called Scott Matthews.

A Fresh Start:                            Reducing the work load might miraculously mean "Less is more"

The Buddies Project:                  An idea I had to help children in poorer countries have an education.

This Years Charity:                     The garden is in aid of the Alzheimer's charity this year -  please help.

The Final Solution:                      Much thought and the help of a friend I have not yet met.

Jack Almand's Tribute:              If anyone has photographs of Jack's exhibits please contact me via email.

Raise a Best Seller:                    1983 publication from Dahlias of Today by the Puget Sound - with an added comment.

Breeding a Winner:                     This is a re-enactment of the earlier 1983 survey and it's just as relevant.

Breeding New Dahlias:                A Birch Bay Dahlia Production, and one of the best presentation  I've seen.

Starlight's Barbie Doll:               A sweetheart called Skye is in remission.

A Gift from the past:                  An all important study in the affects of adding over head lighting.

Maureen Kitchener:                    The other half of a Kitchener partnership.

Steve Cox 2012:                         Australian show I'm waiting to name.

New Webcam Link:                     By planting time this link will be live - it may prompt you to donate one penny a day.

Jack's Show Year:                      The Cumbrian wizard at work in 2011.

Hayloft Plants:                            A delightful site run by delightful people.

Dahlias With a Purpose 2012:      I do believe the boy's getting a business head at long last.

Charity Dahlias in 2012:               The only way to use my new seedlings is to make them free.

To Bee or Not To Bee:                 An old article that's been lost in the Just Dahlia pages for six years.

Mayan Pearl Release:                    At long last a dahlia that won an award at Wisley in 2006 is finally released.

Eighty Years Old:                         Every ten years life passed fifty goes by twice as fast.

Freak Storm Hits Winkie:            Australian dahlia expert John Menzel picks his self up - dusts himself off.

Finding Buddhism:                        All bought about by a child called Kyomi.

Everyone Needs a Hero:              For the love of the Irish. 

Jon Egging:                                  Everyone in Bournemouth felt the tragic lost of this Red Arrow pilot.

Secret Millionaire:                       Just £2,000 that's all.

Bianca Nicholas:                           Please read about this young lady - and spare just seventy nine pence.

Name a Charity Dahlia 2011:         Here are this years charities - please try and help me support them.

Dahlia Society of Australia Inc:    A lot of work went into this new website.

One For Jack:                               Pay back time.

Bournemouth Careline:                   An incredible local service that gives you peace of mind.

2010 Charity Draw:                       The results of last years twenty four charities.

Passion for Plants:                         A new BBC 2 television programme in which yours truly features.

The Best for 2012:                        Last year was exceptional seedling year these are just some of them.

The Runners for 2011:                   These are being grown and assessed at Little Wisley.

Collerette's for 2011:                    Hopefully all will be available in 2011.  

The NGS visit Geoff Hoyle:           Well done mate it makes you feel good to spread a little doesn't it?

Record Breaker:                            Would this get in the Guinness Book of records?

A Note to all Charities:                  To put you in the picture.

Commissioned Dahlias:                   These are available in 2012 after extensive trials next year .

Have Blooms Will Travel:               And did mother nature stopped him attending the show that was nearest to him.?

Natural Selection:                         By Charles Darwin.

Church Flowers:                             Well it had to come it's been threatening for years.

The Dutch Touch:                          In case you didn't look at this when my magazine Just Dahlias was on line.

A Site in Cornwall:                         At last a fellow dahlia grower who wanted to tell me what his favourite dahlias are.      

The Best Plug Plants:                     Begonias second to none - Salvias out of this world.

DNA:                                            A start in trying to unravel the threads - update January 29th 2010

First Charity Dahlias:                    Please support these dahlias all money received will go to the respective charities.

New National Society:                   Breaking news.

Cracking Pi Ensums:                       By Ken Stock October 16th 2005

To Be Or Not To Be:                     Nothing to do with Shakespeare either.

Trouble In The Post:                     It is amazing what the Royal Mail brings these days.

Breeders:                                     Give us your method no matter how basic.

Breeders 2005:                            A few more to contemplate.

Dahlia Culture:                               Revised continually as my knowledge increases.

Beckfield Nurseries:                     Searching for two litre pots I found the cheapest, check them out.

This Years Garden Charity:           You are invited to spend a gold coin for Help For Heroes.

New for 2010:                               It's been a difficult year with some wonderful results.             

Petals Make the Flower:                A study of how petals make the flower.

Holger's Site:                               Take a look at a gentleman enthusiast in Germany.

A Garden Friend:                          An occasional visitor.

Missing:                                        Trying to locate a lady unable to compete against the guys.

A Lesson in Italian:                      Whether you speak the lingo or not this is a fascinating site.

Help For Heroes:                          A charity that supports the casualties of conflict.

What a Country:                           This started because of the fairness that exists in our country.

Beginner's Luck:                          Or was someone else helping?

Showing Off:                               You have to make them stop for just a moment.

The Story so far:                        An account of a battle to save a hobby.

Catalogue Discount Store:            On holiday? Then visit Lennie Faye's for the real deal in designer gear.

Gilda Cane & Cushions:                 So reasonable you'll be amazed.

Hope for Veterans:                      Britain's 1950s nuclear tests victims want to sue the Ministry of Defence.

Halls of Heddon:                         A fascinating account of the struggle to develop one of the finest nurseries in the UK.

Best of 2008:                              Seedlings that might make it.

The Reason:                                 Time marches on, and it's up to us to keep up with it no matter how hard that is.

Brushing With Bees:                    New revised version.

Limitations:                                  Change is necessary to survive.     

Free Dahlias:                               Yes that's right, but only Nursing Homes and Care Homes can apply.

Local Entertainment:                    Somewhere in the forest something stirs, check it out.

New Dahlia Society:                     Carl Young is launching a New Dahlia Society in the States.

Shorter Dahlias for sale:              This list  contains dahlias of a shorter nature for beds, borders and containers.                           

Give Me Your Best Shot:              Calling all dahlia growers please let the world see your favourite dahlia. 

Other Interests:                          Yes there are other things to occupy our time sometimes besides dahlias.

Our Open Day:                              Twenty years is enough.

The Great Divide:                         How to divide and separate the American way.

Rap It and Forget It:                    It's all made quite transparent here.

The Experiment:                           Trying to get tubers to fit the box.

Brush or Bee:                                A new dahlia breeders club where you can learn from the experts.

A True Champion:                          A Champion shows his hand and shares his secrets.

Dahlias By Design:                         New article to encourage more  growers and breeders of the beautiful flower.

Global Warming?                           Timing the beautiful flower can be trying.

KESDAHLIAS:                              The Trials and Tribulations of a Web Site.

In the Beginning:                           How I became involved with plants.

A Brief History:                            A move to the seaside and a better life.

The Chameleon:                             The remarkable history of the modern dahlia.

A Tenovus Garden:                        Our involvement with this charity.

The Tenovus Story:                       How the charity we support started.

Yearly Review:                               2003.  2004.  2005.

Assessing the Crop:                       2004.

Flukes are for the Bees:                Hand pollinated dahlias.

Pot Tubers:                                   The only way to travel.

2004 Seedlings:                             Wayne Hollandís assessment.

Frank Bruno Story:                        The day Frank came to our place.

The Wisley Trip:                            2007. 

All Colours but Blue:                       A song about the dahlia.

The Magic Garden:                         This years seedling report is finished.

A Tenovus Garden 2004:                The magic of giving.

RHS Executive Meeting:                 Meeting the big guns.

Shepton Mallet Heroes:                  2005  Read his gold medal was really bronze.

KES Dahlias Stud Book:                  These pages are for any breeder that wants to divulge hand pollinated crosses they've made.


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